GOOD DOCS and the team behind  ALL THAT I AM, are proud to present additional digital content, aimed to give your students necessary knowledge about child sexcual abuse. 

Working with Emilieś story we found that there were so many adults around her that had the possibility to recognize her struggle and ask her if something was wrong. Yet, no one did. This is not uniq for Emilies story but is sadly true for many children.

That inspired us to build a digital tool  providing a new method for e-learning using the power of Emilies voice.

The content is suitable for teaching students, medical/healthcare students and students of child welfare.  
We believe All that I am have the ability to move people and bring new energy into the difficult and complicated topic of child sexual abuse. 
Tone Grøttjord-Glenne
Director of All That I am
Would you like to know more about the tool and how you can use it as a teaching tool for your students or  watch All that I am?

Please contact Good docs