Educational Storytelling

Educational Storytelling is a new method for e-learning where the use of documentary film is at the very core, merging a story from real life with theory.

Educational + Storytelling

We believe in films ability to move people and bring new energy into difficult and complicated topics. Aiming to create bigger impact for our films, we developed a new form for e-learning where documentary films play the main part and where theoretical knowledge, expert interviews, resources and exercises are built around, merging theory with real life.

It all started with the film All that I am, about a young survivor (Emilie 18) who tells her story of what it means to be living with  traumas from child sexual abuse. Our ambition for Educational Storytelling is to offer a wide selections of courses to different target around the world, using the same method, creating new topics with unique films for several territories. All in collaboration with local partners around the world. But for now, please have a look at what we made for teachers, preparing them recognize, believe and act when faced with child sexual abuse.


The making of Educational Storytelling

Child sexual abuse, for educators based on the film "All That I Am"

Working with Emilieś story we found that there were so many adults around her that had the possibility to recognize her struggle and ask her if something was wrong. Yet, no one did. Emelie’s own teacher, wishes she had had the training and tools she needed to  understand and today 10 years later most teachers still say the same thing.

So together with great partners we have build a international digital platform for teachers and teaching students,  providing a new method for e-learning using the power of Emilies voice.

In addition to relevant clips from the film, Emilie’s experience from primary school told in Emilieś own words, guides us through 7 chapters. Theoretical knowledge, expert interviews, resources and exercises are built around merging theory with real life – preparing teachers and students to recognize, believe and act.

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